Almost every carpet we encounter is in need of some type of color repair. Carpet color repair services are required to correct sun fading near windows, correct bleach discolorations, or remove colors that have been added by spillage of food and beverages containing dye.

Removing carpet and pad before pet odor cleanup

There are only a few companies that even offer color repair services by dyeing carpet. Many would prefer to cut a spot out or simply ignore a discolored area because of an inability to correct the situation. However, cutting and trying to seam in a new piece of carpet from another area will generally be much more obvious than redyeing the area. Carpet dyeing is less of a science and more of an art form. Much time is required to develop the ability to properly distinguish minor color variations and match color discolorations. In fact, over 90% of companies that invest in color repair training never end up offering the carpet dyeing service because of poor results.

Our company is IICRC certified in Color Repair. We have also taken advanced courses to correct sun fading and fume fading. Through training and practice we have developed the ability to remove "permanent" stains by removing the added color. We have successfully re-dyed literally hundreds of bleach spots.

A light spot or discolored carpet spot does not have to be permanent. It does not have to be forever covered with a plant or rug. And the entire room of carpet does not need to be replaced in order for it to become unnoticeable. Dyeing can camouflage the spot to make it completely undetectable to visitors.

Light spots could have resulted from spilled bleach, acne medication, or even many cleaning products, such as Oxyclean, which uses a type of bleach. Color repair is also necessary when a foreign dye has been spilled onto the carpet, such as the yellow dye in mustard or the red dye in Kool-Aid.

Reinstalling carpet after pet odor cleanup    Reinstalling carpet involving odors from pet    Reinstalling carpet involving odors from pet    Reinstalling carpet involving odors from pet

Q. When is carpet color repair necessary?

A. If a spot cannot be removed with mild cleaning and it is any color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) it will only be able to be corrected through professional color repair techniques. These spots are usually caused by spillage of food and beverages containing dye.

Q. Why are there light spots in the carpet?

A. Light spots are areas where color has been removed for various reasons. Household bleach is often the culprit but not always. Often color loss has been caused by the use of store-bought spot remover such as OxyClean® which remove color over time in nylon carpets. Urine and acne medication made from benzoyl peroxide also remove color.

Q. Can you dye an entire room?

A. Yes. But with today's carpet with built-in dye-resistant properties, it is not possible to dye entire rooms to another color. Carpet can only be dyed a shade darker of the same color. It is also important to remember that carpet dye is like watercolor; any dark areas will only get darker. Only clean, stain-free carpet can be dyed.

Q. Can you re-dye spots on oriental rugs?

A. Yes! Color loss on wool rugs is very common because of its susceptibility to staining. We can correct color loss on wool rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting.

Q. Do you guarantee that the spot will not come back?

A. Absolutely. If any of the dye that we add does not "hold" to the carpet, we will return to re-dye the spot as long as you own the carpet. The only exception to this is dyed sun-faded areas which will gradually lighten as long as they are in direct sunlight.