Carpet repair services are an important part of our business. With the high cost of quality carpeting, it is only logical to pay a relatively small amount to fix unsightly structural damage such as carpet burns, missing rows, carpet tears, or open seams.

Our company is IICRC certified to perform carpet repairs. The most common carpet repair work we perform is carpet restretching. We have restretched and reinstalled both commercial and residential carpet. Restretching is the only solution to fix wrinkles or rolls in wall-to-wall carpeting. We have also repaired seams that have been opened or torn away by animals. We can also graft new fibers in to replace individual burned or missing fibers, or even perform a bonded insert, where a damaged carpet area is removed and replaced with an undamaged one.

Q. What causes the carpet to develop ripples?

A. Ripples or rolls in the carpet could exist for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the carpet may not have been properly stretched in during installation. IICRC installation standards require that carpets be installed using powerful stretching equipment. Because carpet naturally relaxes in time, If the carpet was not properly stretched to begin with, it will soon relax to the point of bunching up in traffic areas. A second reason ripples develop is because of the use of rented cleaning equipment which overwets the carpet. Overwetting causes the even backing of the carpet to get wet. The moisture will, in time, break down the glue holding the two layers of carpet together, allowing the upper layer to relax while the bottom layer remains tight. This is most common in the traffic areas, where carpet cleaning with rented equipment is often performed. A final reason why ripples could develop could be because high traffic or the movement of heavy objects across the carpet has stretched it. All of these situations may be corrected by carpet repair.

Q. How much does it cost to restretch carpet?

A. It all depends on where the carpet roll is located and whether there is furniture in the way. If the roll is near a wall and there is no furniture in the way, the carpet repair could cost as little as $65. If the roll is in the hallway and requires that we open all the seams to carpet in adjacent rooms, the carpet repair cost would be considerably more. The best way to get a price would be to email us a picture or have us come out and take a look at the carpet.