Dogs and cats may be our best friends, but not necessarily the best friends of our carpeting and upholstery. Animal stains have been a problem for as long as people have had indoor pets. Neglected stains can result in an unpleasant odor and permanent structural and color damage to textiles.

Removing carpet and pad before pet odor cleanup
For areas with relatively few urine deposits, we can treat individual spots by using specialized equipment to remove and rinse the urine from both the carpet and pad.

Over the years, we have successfully de-odorized and de-colorized literally hundreds of pet accidents. We are so confident in our methods that we offer a guarantee: Odor removed or your money back! Read on to find out why.

Why we offer a 100% Odor Removal Guarantee:

Many companies are only interested making a quick sale. When encountering animal urine in carpet, many of them simply spray a deodorizer on the carpet and walk away, knowing that the smell will not return until after they've gone. We, on the other hand, will never mask a smell. Common sense tells us that the only way to remove odor is to remove the source of the odor. If your son's room smells like dirty socks, take out the dirty socks. Introducing new smells provides only temporary relief at best.

To remove the source, you must find it first. We do this an using ultraviolet light, a moisture probe, as well as our knowledge of animal behavior. After finding each deposit, we determine the size of the deposit. The larger the deposit, the more involved the pet odor cleaning process.

For small deposits we use special equipment to flush and rinse both the carpet and pad completely without pulling the carpet back. This method is extremely effective on small pet odor spots. The vast majority of pet accidents are 'undone' with this method.

Because carpet and underlayment are extremely porous, any large amount of liquid, including urine, will pass through the carpet and pad and will settle on the wood or concrete floor. Therefore, for larger pet odor deposits, we must take the following steps:

  • Remove contaminated pad
  • Seal sub floor to block odors
  • Replace contaminated tack strip
  • Completely clean and deodorize carpet, both front and back
  • Install new pad
  • Re-install existing carpet

Reinstalling carpet after pet odor cleanup    Reinstalling carpet involving odors from pet
In some cases, it is necessary to completely remove the carpet from a room in order to properly de-odorize the area. Despite the laborious nature of the work, in most cases it is more cost effective to restore the carpet rather than replace.

We can determine upon inspection what will be the best course of action. In cases of significant urine deposits, we will gladly provide you with two estimates, one for restoration, and one for replacement. Then you can decide which will be more cost effective. If you choose to restore the carpet, remember, we completely guarantee removal of the odor up to the time of cleaning. Obviously, we cannot guarantee that there will never be any future odor as long as there are pets in the house (since pet odors after cleaning may result from new deposits).