We have been cleaning commercial carpet since we started the business back in 2001. Here is what we have learned after cleaning thousands of square yards of carpet:

  1. A good cleaning starts with a good vacuum. The vast majority of soil in a carpet can be removed with a good vacuum. We use Windsor commercial vacuums on every job to ensure maximum soil removal. If you don’t remove the soil when it’s dry, it will turn to mud once it’s wet.
  2. There is no one way to clean carpet. Some say carpets must be dry cleaned. Some say they must be steam cleaned. We’ve learned that every situation is different. Commercial may look the same since it’s generally a low-pile loop carpet, but we determine the best way to clean based on building ventilation, soil level, and use. Sometimes we dry clean carpets, other times we steam clean it. Sometimes we do both.
  3. It’s all about chemistry. Have you ever had the carpets cleaned and the stains came back? It’s because the cleaners failed to use the proper chemistry. You’ve heard about heat setting stains? Using the wrong chemical can also set stains. We carefully inspect stains, determine the source, and prepare the proper solution for permanent removal.
  4. Proper cleaning is good for your employees’ health. Dirty carpet reduces productivity and can literally make people sick. Cleaning carpeted flooring improves indoor air quality. A clean environment is a pleasant environment, which improves overall morale.