Do you live in the downtown Portland Pearl District or the South Waterfront? We are one of a handful or carpet cleaning companies that happily services the downtown Portland area. Most companies are simply not equipped to do any type of upholstery or carpet cleaning in a high-rise building. We are! Whether it’s cleaning upholstery furniture on the 10th floor of a hotel or cleaning and repairing bedroom carpet on the 16th floor of a condo, we can do it. We can also clean your hardwood floors, and clean your tile and grout in your bathroom. Whatever the floor surface, we can clean it!

Area Rugs

Removing carpet and pad before pet odor cleanup
We use portable equipment to clean on-site!

In general, we clean your area rugs off-site. Wet rugs can damage wood floors, which are common in the downtown Portland area. In some circumstances, we can clean rugs on-site depending on the thickness of the rug and the degree of soiling. Off-site rug cleaning produces better results because we can use more agitation, more water, and speed up drying.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet

We clean and repair carpet on-site. Do you have white wool carpet? Don’t worry! We can clean it! Do you have strange wrinkles in your carpet? Bleach spots? We can fix that too!


We clean upholstery on-site. We bring our portable equipment to you. For upholstered furniture we use a low-moisture method that leaves the fabric lightly damp and ready to use in about an hour.

We use a drop cloth to protect your wood floors during the process.